Demelza – Space to Grow

A new chapter in an incredible story

A special project

The month of November saw us take on an incredibly special, eye-opening and, at times, emotional project.

Demelza, a Children’s Hospice in Eltham, South-East London, needed to transform their space. Because of the nature of Demelza’s work, their team which is made up of full-time staff and volunteers, needed quiet and personal space to reflect on their day. On top of this, the families of the children who require the space also needed an environment where they can escape the various challenges and traumas that they become faced with.

An incredible gift

Demelza only receives a minor amount of government funding, with the rest of their income being made up of donations and support from the community. Whilst their previous space served a crucial purpose, the need to expand and improve was foremost.

As part of Osborne‘s 50th Anniversary, they sought a project that was going to transform lives, not just those of the families, but the Demelza team, too.

Osborne approached us after having successfully worked together on a number of previous projects, and when we reached out to our supply chain, everyone came together to support this amazing scheme.

Enter, 'Space to Grow'

The timescale to complete the ambitious project was two weeks, with the first phase being the external expansion of the building; Osborne adding two storeys onto their existing site, meaning an extra three rooms were added, including crucial storage facilities.

We developed the design very closely with Demelza and Osborne, holding a number of workshops which ensured the right elements were being added to the larger space.

Every element of the project was covered, from lighting, furniture and technology, all the way through to the reception desk, flooring and internal decorating.

Every team member at both Demelza, Osborne and Workplace Creations donned a hard-hats and hi-viz, getting stuck in and putting in the hours to get the project over the line in the agreed two weeks; the entire project has been an incredible journey.

What it means...

The new space means that not only does the team have a more relaxing environment to work in, but with sensory features and other practical installations, it means the experience the children have there can add to fulfilling their lives during their time within the space.

The reception area is now bright and welcoming, with the external area now facilitating increased access abilities. The new flexible meeting and training rooms have diversified the space to also be used as arts and crafts areas, and the extra storage rooms mean that a bedroom has been freed up to allow for more ability to care for children in the hospice.

We want to thank everyone who made this project happen, but most importantly, we want to thank the team at Demelza for the limitless help, warmth, passion and support they provide every child and family that walks through their doors.

Grand opening

The project end was celebrated with a grand opening event, hosted by Penny Lancaster, and this was also an opportunity for some of the Demelza team to see the transformation for the first time.

If you would like to support Demelza, follow this link to their donation page, or simply share this post to raise awareness for such an amazing charity.

We look forward to developing our relationship and support for this amazing charity.


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