Daikin’s new state of the art 2,000 m2 technology and client experience centre in Woking.


A warehouse was selected as it provided the necessary space and scope to accommodate the demonstration of highly technical equipment, regular training for cohorts of 50 engineers and a research and development area. Workplace Creations proposed the installation of a mezzanine floor to increase the usable square meterage. The team worked with Daikin’s Technical Team to determine the specification for this and the exterior ducting that would be required for the amount of plant supporting the demonstration and training areas. The cabling alone measured at over 10 miles.

Creating the best experience

Workplace Creations worked alongside the sales and marketing team at Daikin to understand the sales process and product portfolio that would be demonstrated in the new space. This client ‘journey’ was incorporated in the interior design to create an impactful and logical route through the Daikin story, which included taking account of the necessary signage. Additional facilities to enhance the client experience included dining areas and a full kitchen facility, meeting rooms and a broadcast centre for video conferencing.

Flagship training facility

The training centre featured classroom environments as well as fully functioning booths designed to replicate a home environment. These are used so that trainers can programme faults in to the equipment for engineers to analyse. The Workplace Creations team worked closely with the product development teams to ensure that the installations adhered to the Daikin recommended guidelines.