Britannia Pharmaceuticals

The specialist pharmaceutical company consolidated two offices into their new Reading HQ

Managing Growth

Britannia identified a new 15,000m2 building in Reading which would accommodate staff from their two existing office locations, as well as providing space for the projected growth in employee numbers. The interior design objective was to incorporate much needed cellular spaces for concentrated work, as well as introducing interactive collaborative spaces. The suite includes workstations for Britannia’s dedicated, patient-focused administrative teams, in addition to executive meeting rooms and a contemporary reception space to welcome visitors.

Well-being at work

It was important to Britannia that the office space also encouraged communication and teamwork. Collaborative areas are punctuated by the imaginative graphics and vibrant colours developed by Workplace Creations’ design team. A commercial kitchen was installed so that a range of hot and cold nutritional meals and snacks could be served.


The new offices are based at the vibrant Green Park business village in Reading. The facilities management team for Green Park was consulted at every stage to ensure that the correct consents and permissions were granted for all proposed changes to the building. The changes included relocating and supplementing the air conditioning, ventilation and plumbing works for the commercial kitchen. Workplace Creations worked with Green Park’s nominated M&E contractors, who had undertaken the original installation.