Bluefield Partners LLP London

Investment experts with a focus on solar energy infrastructure

Multi-functional, collaborative space

Bluefield Partners is an investment management company focussed on growing the number of investment opportunities emerging in solar energy infrastructure. Established in 2009, Bluefield has steadily grown and in 2018 developed a need to leave serviced office space in order to create a Central London home to call their own.

Having fallen in love with the surrounding area, the 4106 sq ft sixteenth Floor at 6 New Street Square in Holborn was identified and the brief was set to create a multi-functional, collaborative space which tipped its hat to the local area and its history. One of the most famous features of the area is Dr Johnson’s House. Dr Johnson was a world famous writer from the 1700’s and so we used this as inspiration throughout the space but in particular to create a feature wall made from a collection of his quotes, with specific words highlighted which subtly emphasise Bluefield’s company ethos.

A springboard for change

Bluefield aimed to use the move as a springboard for change in company culture, moving away from isolated, unsociable working and instead creating an atmosphere of comfort and collaboration. The theme is evident as soon as you walk in the entrance to the office where, unusually, you are not greeted by a reception area, instead you walk straight in to an informal touch down area where staff and clients alike are welcomed to work from. Meeting rooms were designed to be predominantly open informal spaces, utilising meeting booths and glass partitions to allow a clear view throughout the office.

In keeping the space multi-functional and encouraging staff interaction, we installed a projector with a pull down screen in to one of the breakout giving the option of a presentation area by day, but doubling up as an after work movie theater for staff by night, all in a room with arguably the best views in the city of the London skyline.

Focus on well-being

Although creating a predominantly open work environment, it was important to get the balance right and to provide quiet spaces for people to breakout and meet in. The directive for these spaces was that they should be tech free zones, where staff were encouraged to increase face to face communication and avoid screens and devices. With this in mind we chose to continue with the Dr Johnson theme and create home library style rooms complete with fireplace and re-upholstered furniture such as traditional chesterfield sofas. This merger of residential and commercial interior design provides a familiar comfort for staff and an escape from the office norm.

Introducing biophilic design throughout the office was a key way to improve staff well-being and was a new concept to Bluefield as a company, but one which was strongly embraced.