Threadneedle Street, London


Berenberg is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious Investment Banking firms. In the wake of the pandemic, there was a need to adopt new ways of working to provide staff with greater choice and flexibility by expanding the Bank’s London office with an additional 24,000 sqft Floor. The new space would see teams from the 4th and 5th floors move to the 7th floor and provide Berenberg with one of the largest investment research floors in the city.

New Adaptive Environment

As a long-term partner and now completing our third major project together, we worked closely with the Berenberg team to create a new adaptive working environment.

Over a series of regular workshops, we developed Berenberg’s high level concept into a progressive design scheme. Whilst the scheme remained considerate of existing branding, it moved away from the traditional corporate model through a greater utilisation of colour, textures and biophilia throughout.

The Hub

At the heart of the new floor is Berenberg’s statement feature – The Hub.

A multi-use space available to colleagues from all floors, The Hub is a state of the art breakout area with dining facilities, space to complete focus work, meet and to collaborate.

The Hub’s variety of modular furniture items allows the space flexibility to adapt to the user needs and as such provides Berenberg with a stunning setting for the social and corporate events that they often host.

Variety of Workplace Settings

As well as providing the central Hub, it was important to introduce a variety of workplace settings to give users the choice to work from the area that best supports their task.

These settings including open plan hot desking, dedicated 1-2 person video conferencing rooms, collaboration zones and both formal and informal meeting spaces.


New Technology

To support connectivity we worked closely with Berenberg’s IT supplier to install state of the art CAT 7 data cabling throughout the floor.

The expansion was the perfect opportunity for Berenberg to take advantage of new technology and through the installation of the latest AV in purpose built settings, it’s now easier than ever for the team to stay connected to colleagues around the world.