Adstream – High Holborn

The world’s leading creative logistics company

Adstream are the world’s leading creative logistics company, providing innovative tools for managing the production process in advertising. With 37 offices globally, Adstream help over 100,000 businesses to reach billions of customers worldwide.

Adstream first approached us with an idea. As the lease came to an end on their Spitalfields location, the decision was made to bring both of their London offices together under one roof. The idea was to maximize their High Holborn space, whilst creating an amazing working environment for their global Head Quarters. The objective was simple, to create a functional space that brought members from different teams together, whilst showcasing the Adstream brand and identity.

As an in-situ refurbishment over two floors, coupled with the relocation of the Spitalfields team, the biggest challenge of the project was to ensure that Adstream remained operational throughout. To make sure this was possible the project was completed in phases over the course of a 12-week programme that included out of hours and weekend work on site. Construction over different areas of the floors were phased and regular weekly meetings with our client ensured that they were fully informed and involved in the process throughout the journey.

One area of the business that required zero disruption throughout was the AdPro team, who work from dedicated tech-heavy rooms where they create multi-media content for clients worldwide. As part of the phasing of the project, work to the 7th floor was completed first whilst all Holborn staff other than the AdPro team were relocated to the 3rd floor. With the AdPro teams remaining operational on the 7th floor, we created the new suites throughout in Phase One. The new rooms provide an upgrade in audio-visual capabilities and cabling, which was increased from CAT 5 to CAT 6e. Upon completion of the new AdPro rooms, the AdPro team were able to seamlessly move into their new working areas on the 7th and work immediately with no drop out or disruption.

To create an environment that encapsulates the company identity, we designed a space that was both welcoming and communal, starting with the new reception and waiting area. Here we opened out the area, allowing for two soft seating areas either side of a space efficient and bespoke reception desk.

The layout of the floor plates constrained the design; however, we used these constraints to facilitate a significant increase in the amount of meeting and collaboration spaces throughout the office, up to 24. The new facilities comprise of a variety of flexible and mixed-use spaces, ranging from single person focus rooms, to four-person meeting booths. The boardroom now allows for 16 delegates but also boasts folding writable walls, allowing the space to be utilised for smaller meetings when required. The result is an increase in communication, collaboration and productivity throughout the teams.

The focal point of the space however are the new tea-points, particularly the Sky Bar breakout area on the 7th floor, offering stunning views over the London skyline. Where part of the skyline view is obscured by buildings, we have continued it on through a hand drawn wall feature, where the remaining skyline would be. Above the tea-point we have introduced pendant lighting and hanging plants creating a relaxed and stylish café style look and feel. Once again, we designed the space to be flexible and multi-use, incorporating a mixture of soft seating, benches and high tables making it  perfect for informal meetings as well as the social occasions that bring the whole team together.